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                                       SERVICE  & MAINTENANCE 

Maintenance and service of fire alarm & emergency lighting systems are both relevant & essential to safeguard life and property as well as mandatory for compliance with British Standards and current legislation.

The Regultory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires the "responsible person" for a premises to ensure that all fire safety facilities, equipment and devices are maintained in efficient working order and in good repair. The Order requires that tests, maintenance and safety training are capable of being audited to ensure they are being carried out.

 For a "Grade A" fire alarm system, British standards BS 5839-1: 2002 recommends a weekly, user test, of one manual call point to ensure the control panel processes the signal and operates all the sounders and alarm devices, with each test to be recorded in the system log book. The weekly tests should be combined with periodic inspections and testing by a 'competent person' - the interval between these inspections should not exceed six months (minimum of two inspections per year).

M S E Fire Protection has the required expertise to service and maintain most fire alarm installations in small and medium size premises in Kent and Sussex, including; conventional, two wire and open protocol addressable sytems. We are happy to discuss arranging maintenance of existing systems and can offer you a service package that is suitable to both your needs and budget, ensuring that your business is compliant with legislation and your systems are fully functioning when needed e.g; in the event of a fire.

It is a fact that the more, rigorously planned, time-based, preventative maintenance is implemented, the less likely are costly and disruptive unplanned incidents e.g; faults & system malfunctions. Our standard service & maintenance package includes: two service visits per year, minor consumables [replacement connectors, fuses etc.] and, free, system end user training.

During the periodic inspections we check and record the following:

  • The system log book will be examined to ensure recorded faults were rectified
  • Visual inspection of the building. Structure & occupancy level will be verified.
  • Mainsfail batteries will be checked and load tested [in standby & alarm condition].
  • All control panel functions will be energised and checked for correct operation.
  • The control panel output will be verified with the operation of a detection device.
  • All audible, visual and tactile devices will be checked.
  • Inspect & test detector devices & call points
  • On completion we will issue a service certificate.

Under our service & maintenance agreement, in addition to fire alarm systems, we can also cover the following systems & equipment

  • Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Nurse Call systems
  • Access control & door entry systems
  • CCTV systems

We can also add: Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Safety training & P.A.T testing and can offer our service & maintenance on monthly, quarterly or annual terms depending on the overall cost of the service and maintenance agreement.

All systems are serviced & maintained in accordance with relevant British Standards and manufacturers recommendations

for all or any of your service maintenance needs please call us now.

Tel: 01424 722405,   email: enquiry@msefireprotection.co.uk    or   Click here  for further information on any of our products & services